when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

#ShowerThoughts: one simple way to reduce the flood of #eWaste would be to say to vendors, you can't sell new computers (including anything that runs an OS) in our country without a 10 year full replacement guarantee, or more. That way hardware companies would have an incentive to make devices that last, and provide at least 10 years of software updates.

I've kept desktops and laptops running for about 10 years. It requires a lot of preventative maintenance and often replacing the OS with GNU/Linux, but it can be done with existing hardware. There's no technical reason hardware companies can't supply that level of durability for all computers sold.

No one makes "I would be voting [PARTY] if I was legally allowed to as a newly landed immigrant" profile frames.

this guy reviews funko pops on youtube.

like, that's what he does.

but wait, you ask, aren't they all the same hideous little plastic homunculi?

yes, they are. regardless, here is a grown man reviewing them on youtube

also civilization is canceled. it had a good run but that's quite enough now


I really, really miss the Heyday of Team Fortress Classic.

Le sigh.

cis white males #PHP #coders are angry: 2019.phpce.eu/en/

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the organizer rage quit and cancel the event because some people won't attend while no women are represented there

you can also see all those fash liberals from #hackernews crying about it (CW SEXISM + MISOGYNY): news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

the whole IT community makes me so sick :hhHHHAAAH:

#HN #dev #sexism #misogyny

"Hey Halberstram... why do you have copies of the Style section all over the place? You get a dog or something? A little chow?"
"No, Allen."
"Is... is that a raincoat?"
"Yes, it is!"

This is Nimbus! The void stares back.

He likes his fancy ass water dish, chewing on my piercings, and trying to sleep on my face πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Tomorrow, we are adopting an older kitty, currently going by Mark (oh hi mark)! He's 11 years old, long haired, and has brilliant green eyes!

I can't wait to give him a fantastic retirement!

A man just tried to sell me raw meat out of his trunk at the Fairway on Tillicum and Gorge. Classy.

I forgot to get his name but I'm assuming it was Ricky.

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