Your mother calls me Mr. IBS because I'm always rearranging her guts.

Getting back in to Guild Wars 2 a lot with my wife and metamours! Been a lot of fun to actually progress the content and enjoy it!

Any Path of Exile players here? :3 looking for more folx to play with!

If a trans person on here does a racist fuckup. and you refuse to use the right pronouns to call them out

Guess what

You're a transphobe.

They're still a racist.

But you're now also a transphobe.

the 3 states of existence for a babyfur

brought to you by brita

"what's that fucking sound?"
"Kel bought a jaw Harp on the internet and thinks he's a hillbilly musician..."

Yep. :D

There are over 7.53 billion people on Earth and I donโ€™t owe a single fucking one of them an explanation why I hate Rod Stewart and Celine Dion.

I'm really, really disappointed with the internet right now.
I was curious what the name of the boat was from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Calypso, btw).... and this was the top suggested search term.


Administrative Helper Husband Activated! Filling out Passport Renewal forms for Katie because we forgot hers expired and we have need within the next 30 days xD whoopsie.

Mozilla include a feature in Firefox to let me pet the fox

I've switched to using Firefox and Brave exclusively on computers and mobile devices. Snappier!

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